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This contemporary buffet is situated in the dining area of a new townhouse. The house has an abundance of white which creates a clean, slick but cold feel. Using the warmth of earth in this space gives the whole room a friendlier feel. As this is the Southwest wall, I wanted to activate the matriarch as well as the earth energy.

The woman is made of clay and the mugs ceramic, representing Earth. There are 5 mugs which is an Earth number. On the wall I have hung the Asian Mountain print, with a neutral matt board and a chocolate brown frame. This mountain painting activates the Earth in a big way and encourages support in this sector.

The Southwest is the relationship palace of the pa kua, which benefits from the strong but also soft elements in this painting. If your mountain star 8 also happens to need activating, this would be the ideal print to choose!

Change of Seasons reminds me that everything changes. This artwork developed through many layers, changing, transforming, maturing and unfolding.

It symbolises expansion and growth.