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Art Prolific: Your a Feng Shui consultant and visual artist. How did you get into this career and artistry?

Lucy Deslandes: Feng shui became my passion almost 10 years ago. I had read many books and studied both here in Adelaide and in Malaysia with Lillian Too. I required a mountain image to place behind my work desk, to give me strong support. However, it was not to have water in it, as the energy I needed was big earth. I was looking around for this picture and couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided to paint it for myself. I loved painting this mountain and put a lot of energy and passion into it. This one painting led to the next and I haven't stopped since.

Art Prolific: How do your art skills come into play in your consultation business?

Lucy Deslandes: I have put together an art catalogue and created a website. I show my clients the artworks, offer them a discount and explain what particular energies they need. Art is subjective. If it is to suit their home, office or style is completely up to them.

Art Prolific: Your art is beautiful and has a feeling of balance and peacefulness. How do you choose your color palette and how do you create that feeling of balance?

Lucy Deslandes: Thank you! My intention when I paint is to create art that has harmonious colours and feelings. With feng shui I have discovered that what we surround ourselves with has an affect on how we feel. My colours often and mostly come from using what is called in feng shui the production of elements. For example: if wood produces fire then my palette would include green (wood) and red (fire) this would then activate the South being a fire energy. The balance, however, is a natural and intuitive process.

Art Prolific: Please explain to me your process of an art piece from beginning to end.

Lucy Deslandes: Firstly I have an inspiration. As an example 100's of birds. Birds symbolically represent opportunities flying in. 100's of opportunities flying in. Placing the art in a position so that the birds are then flying into the environment. I buy a canvas, mix the paint and away I go. I paint in acrylics most of the time. I then need to digitalize the art so that I can use it in many ways for printing and displaying on the web.

Art Prolific: How long did it take you to develop your art style? and what has been the most rewarding self discoveries you have made during this process?

Lucy Deslandes: I still do not know if I have found a particular style. I feel it is an ever changing and growing style of Lucy art. I feel that the more I paint the better I get. The rewards are recognition and acknowledging that I have an ability to tap into the ancient art of Feng Shui and bring it to a more contemporary light. I have been painting in this genre for 3 years.

Art Prolific: When you are painting, what is the most enjoyable aspect of it, and what is the most frustrating?

Lucy Deslandes: What I enjoy is the moment. I am totally there with the painting whilst I am creating it. The frustrating thing is having to stop to cook dinner or consult or any of the other life interuptions. Also washing the brushes and finding an environmental way to do this.

Art Prolific: How has Feng Shui affected your life? Do you believe in God? Do you feel there is any connection between Feng Shui and your spiritual beliefs?

Lucy Deslandes: This is such a huge question! Feng Shui has affected my life on every level. My relationships, health, finances and creativity. Spiritually however I feel that Feng Shui complements my beliefs. God is within me. Feng Shui is not religious, it is mathematical, symbolic and scientific with a little magic as well. It is suitable to practice feng shui no matter what your religion or belief is.

For me, I believe that I can create my own reality, and this ties in with having control of the environments in which we live and work. So practicing feng shui is an extention of this thought process.

Art Prolific: How do you get good digital photos of your work and then have your prints printed to achieve the best quality as possible?

Lucy Deslandes: Digitizing has been a process of trying both scanning and photography. Firstly I had my paintings scanned. Then my printer bought a new larger scanner and he started to remove my canvas from the frame in order to scan them. Of course it was almost impossible to get them stretched back onto the frames accurately. This bothered me and I felt the paintings were getting damaged.

Now I have them photographed by a professional. Less damage and less work. About the same cost. Both have positives with regard to the final digital image. I always need to photoshop the images a little bit to make them look like the original. Photoshop for me is a new skill that I am learning. It is essential for me because I know what I want the final image to look like. I have had my images printed on fine watercolour paper and photographic paper, using the giclee method of reproduction. Both are wonderful!

Art Prolific: When you are having a great session of painting, what does this moment in time make you feel?

Lucy Deslandes: I feel connected to my essence to my inner self. I feel passion, excitement and joy when I paint so I feel that this will shine through. I am doing what I am meant to be doing in that moment.

Art Prolific: What impact in the world do you want to have as an artist?

Lucy Deslandes: My intention as a consultant and as an artist is to bring harmony and joy into peoples lives. When people view my art I want them to feel good. I would love that my art can create good energy in the home and even activate some miracles...

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