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1 - Holistic Oracle for Australian Purchases - includes shipping
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The Holistic Oracle Card deck is a collaborative production... The content and words by Antoinette Braks and artwork and design by me.
From work to play, grow to flow, calm to care and free to love -these are the Seven Steps in Holistic Leadership.
They are stages in the human evolutionary process through a spiral of ever-expanding integration of mind-body-spirit held together by the heart.
The words to designate each stage came to Antoinette a number of years ago when she was endeavoring to understand her own developmental process and coaching others.
Similarly, the formulas and words that articulate each element were channeled. She then refined the phrases to 33 words each in honor of the Ascended Masters who were gracing her with their wisdom.
For each stage in the journey we offer you a magical formula to enhance, enchant and enlighten your life. There are four different MAGIC formulas interceded by: AWAKE, GRIEF, PEACE and LIGHT.
By tuning into an inspiring, heart-warming card each morning, it is our loving intention that you appreciate and honor the joy and wonder of life.

This deck of 48 Oracle Cards comes with a guidebook to usher you on the journey.

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